Yossiri Adulyasak is the Canada Research Chairholder in Supply Chain Analytics and an assistant profes-sor at HEC Montréal. Prior to joining HEC, he was a postdoctoral associate at MIT and, subsequently, a data scientist at JDA Labs in Montréal.

His research has been published in top-tier journals and confer-ences in operations research (OR), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

His scientific achievements include the development of fundamental research in OR and ML and its application to solve real-world problems in the areas of production planning, inventory optimization, distribution management, demand forecasting, integrated supply chain systems and public transportation.

His research expertise also covers various methodologies such as large-scale optimization, stochastic pro-gramming, robust optimization, heuristics, Markov decision process, as well as several machine learn-ing techniques used in supply chains. He is also a co-inventor of three patent applications in retail and supply chain analytics.

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